Thursday, July 03, 2008

Move blog

I decided to move my blog to

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fitness again

Today I go again for the fitness at California Fitness. This time, I felt easier to walk longer hour in the running machine. Last time is 20 mins, this time is 25 mins and will keep increasing, hoho.... At the first 15 mins, my leg was so tired, felt like it's going to be broken. But then, it became easier and nice, then I tried to run for the last 5 mins, but I only can tahan for about 2 mins haha, then start walk again, then suddenly the machine blacked out. All 4 machines is a row. So I had to stop without cooling down. And when i came down from the machine, I felt dizzy haha...

This time I tried the steam room for the 1st time of my life! It's 50 degree celcius, and it's hazy inside. At first I felt there is perhaps something wrong with the place, perhaps they put the temperature too high so it became hazy. But I found inside, there were 2 ladies. So it should be normal then. Haha....I don't know that it is a steam room, that's why it's steamy. I thought it was sauna. Hahha.... I was sweating alot inside without doing nothing, I am wondering how much calories I can burn inside the steam room.

Then we try this cafe nextdoor, since they had 15% off for california discount, so we decided to try there. It's a totally organic cafe with all organic food. Since I want to complete my day with healthy lifestyle, so I decided to eat salad, with organic honey, JH also ordered another salad. Then I drank ice herbal slimming tea with organic honey. You know what, the tea taste like JAMU, and the salad, it's not nice! And it was expensive somemore. We spend $26.

In the afternoon, we already ate Ichiban Boshi as well, I spent almost $15 for my food. I was ordering this something claypot with gyoza and rice-cawan mushi set. The claypot is very nice. JH ordered curry chicken, I felt it just taste normal curry and nothing special and cost him $12.

After the lunch, I decided to wait for JH at the Mc D at Centerpoint and reading few books there. Then when I went to toilet and pass through Ichiban Boshi, actually they had so called Happy hour from 3-5pm, it'll cost you $5 for a bowl of udon and cawan mushi!! Wow what an offer, but it's too late, I had full and nobody will accompany me to eat at such an odd hour. Everyone is working!!!!! Except me.... But it's ok, I am enjoying myself anyway. Let me update you later about the book I read. It made me contemplate about my goal in my life, which I still don't have it.


I love oreo strawberry. The taste is just nice. They only have this in Indonesia I think.


I was contemplating of what had happened yesterday. The interview question kept repeating in my head and I kept regretting to answer the questions. I was so tense, like I always do. And I can't bluff people with answers that they want to hear. I always answer it honestly, really very honest, until I felt that I am so stupid. Or it is because I am too confidence that they will accept me, until I saw another girl they pick up for the candidates. Hix, I was shock.

The night and 2 nights before I was so stress and try to read all the textbooks and my old FYP as well as my attachment. I am to stress until I try not too think about it by watch TV until very late, wake up the next day very late, so that I don't think much. But still, I am not improving at all my interview skill.

Monday, June 30, 2008

My Interview today

I was having a job interview today, it was lasted for about 45 mins, then one of Yoli's friend invited me for her tea-session farewell party. The tea break was fun, everyone is young and energetic, haha, I feel young again.

The interview? It was ok, I forgot a lot of things and they asked me unprepared question, like the analytical techniques that I already forgot. hiks! I did not prepare that. And I am not good at talking too...... Sigh...I just felt that I won't be able to pass any interview, it's only by God's grace only that I can pass it.

Btw, if you are wondering what photos is that, It's the tea-session farewell photo hahaha. Can you see me? I was wearing green shirt, just next to Emma, hehe.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't watch ZOHAN

I was watching this movie after my morning walk today, from Kent Ridge Park, to Alex Arch, and Henderson Waves. We reached Harborfront then watched the movie. And it's NOT GOOD. Pls do me a favor, don't watch this movie, it's really yuckie... a lot of sexual jokes, hiii.....merinding kalo inget2.

The day before I was writing about email from researcher to me, and on friday he emailed me back for an interview on Monday! Wow, I was really excited and couldn't sleep on Friday night. I rushed study back my FYP, IA and my physics for energy band diagram, but still I think it's not enough. I just pray that if this is the one, then be it. If not, then it's fine as well. I was a bit scare to imagine that I will work soon, I love my freedom and enjoy it. Hiks.... Ya...human being always never satisfied.

Friday, June 27, 2008


After I posted the last one, I went to spend half of my day reading books and writing my diary at Singtel building near JH's office at Somerset. And then we went to California Fitness, JH has the membership with company subsidy, and me? I got UOB Ladies card which make me free to come the twice a month. This is the first time I use it and it's FUN! I like it. California Fitness is very cozy, a lot of workout equipment that I have never seen before, and it's fun to try each and every one of it. Then they have Sauna as well, aerobics class. Woo...hoo.... Then have a comfortable shower with free towel and free shampoo/shower gel. They have hair dryer too! And also water cooler. It's sooo....niceeeee.... I love it!

When I came back, actually at first I just wanted to sleep and do not one to check my email, since everytime I check I get no news, but tonight I have one! I am very exciting, that's why I haven't slept until now. But unfortunatelly, they only want the LESS than 2-years after grad employee. Hiks, and mine is just exactly 2 years. Huaaaa........ I am very hopeless that they will allow me, but somemore I haven't passed the interview also. Hiks....but I believe God has His right time for me, if this is not the one then be it. I will still look for the right job for me as God intends me to do in my life so I can be molded according to His wills. Hiks....pls pray for me...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Research pls come to me

Actually, I felt quite dissapointed with myself. Why did I leave my previous job? Because I don't like manufacturing environment work of life. And now, I am still looking for that job, simply because no opennings for research. I emailed few times to NTU, IMRE, SIMTECH, still no answer yet. I wasn't looking at Process Engineer anymore, but I am looking to new position Quality Assurance/ Quality Control. But anyway, it's still the same manufacturing environment.

I felt quite stress, since people who are calling me are the one who offered me in manufacturing company, hix. Such a hard choice, I don't know what to say in the interview if they are asking why I am quitting my previous job.

I am longing for research job......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jadul vs Jarang (Jaman Sekarang)

Hiks, barusan liat2 tulisan2 di blog lama. Huhuhu... Betapa rindu hatiku sewaktu masa kuliah dulu, kayaknya bahagia n ceria banget. Masak2, jalan2, huhuhuhu......

Barusan dapet telpon dari agen pencari kerja, ditanyain, melakukan six sigma ga, dll. Gua gelagapan jawabnya, gua belajar sih six sigma cuman ga ada cerificate2 segala. Ga tau deh pusing. Agak stress juga kalo ditanyain kenapa gua berhenti dari kerjaan gua yang lama. Huh, makanya gua mau masuk research, ga mau industri lagi, tapi ga ada kabar tentang research application gua, hiks.

Gua apply EDB yg dikirim training ke Amrik, tapi itu juga manufacturing, hiks.....Kenapa? Kenapa susah sih, berhubungan ama orang, kenapa pake interview2 segala, kenapa harus pura2 profesional, padahal gua ga.

Satu lagi pertanyaan penting adalah, Kenapa sih gua selalu berpikiran negatif?

Harus banyak senyum dan berpikir positip. Btw ternyata Jco donut enak juga loh.