Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't watch ZOHAN

I was watching this movie after my morning walk today, from Kent Ridge Park, to Alex Arch, and Henderson Waves. We reached Harborfront then watched the movie. And it's NOT GOOD. Pls do me a favor, don't watch this movie, it's really yuckie... a lot of sexual jokes, hiii.....merinding kalo inget2.

The day before I was writing about email from researcher to me, and on friday he emailed me back for an interview on Monday! Wow, I was really excited and couldn't sleep on Friday night. I rushed study back my FYP, IA and my physics for energy band diagram, but still I think it's not enough. I just pray that if this is the one, then be it. If not, then it's fine as well. I was a bit scare to imagine that I will work soon, I love my freedom and enjoy it. Hiks.... Ya...human being always never satisfied.

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Anonymous said...

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