Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I was contemplating of what had happened yesterday. The interview question kept repeating in my head and I kept regretting to answer the questions. I was so tense, like I always do. And I can't bluff people with answers that they want to hear. I always answer it honestly, really very honest, until I felt that I am so stupid. Or it is because I am too confidence that they will accept me, until I saw another girl they pick up for the candidates. Hix, I was shock.

The night and 2 nights before I was so stress and try to read all the textbooks and my old FYP as well as my attachment. I am to stress until I try not too think about it by watch TV until very late, wake up the next day very late, so that I don't think much. But still, I am not improving at all my interview skill.

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